The RED Valentino brand, Valentino’s little-sister line, has established themselves on the idea of a modern-day fantasy. However, when looking at these RED Valentino 3D Velvet Rose Pumps, I was immediately drawn back to the Shakespearean era, where opulent and lavish dressing was dominant. Could these pumps easily translate into todays popular fashion? That is the question.

What makes the idea of a modern-day fantasy come to life is the all velvet upper and the matching velvet rose. While the rose is slightly out of proportion with the rest of the pump, this exaggeration is effective when we think about the brand’s aesthetic, all big bows and floral embellishments. If we forgo the velvet rose, do you still get the same feeling? Yes, but it’s the over-the-top decoration that allows us to go into a state of reverie. Using this soft material provides a luscious feeling and would not have been effective if any other material was used. What brings us out of this fantasy, though, is the staggering four-inch heel – that’s not so Shakespearean. While this may be unlike any other shoe in your collection, the hopeful romantic feeling makes it worth of a your consideration.

Maybe it’s because I’m having a few love troubles right now, but this modern-day fairytale pump made me feel hopeful, at least for a moment. When it comes down to wear or not to wear, what do you say?


09/24/2013 9:24am

Hmm.....I just don't know about these....LOL.....


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